Diatomite earth is a natural occurring mineral made out of the fossilized remains of a type of algae called diatoms.

The science behind Diatomite Earth

About 135 million years ago algae were everywhere (there’s still plenty around today) and when they died they sank to the bottom of oceans or rivers or lakes — wherever they were living.

Today, thick deposits of their hard shells (made primarily of silica) are mined from dried lake or sea beds for uses ranging from kitty litter to water filters.

Since 85% of a diatom’s volume consists of air trapped in the silica shell, the fossilized diatom is able to absorb its own weight in liquid.

These porosity and absorptive abilities are what inspired us to use it to create our water mat, perfect for containing your pets drinking splashes and slobber.

Food Safe

Our diatomite water mats are eco-friendly, food safe, anti-microbial, and chemical free. It helps prevent bacteria growth and mold.